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Torrevieja años 27 Massage Andrea Ver teléfono

In Your Holidays give yourself love harmony rest and relaxation I explain you The goal of the Tantric Massage is to achieve physical and mental relaxation through sexual stimulation at different levels, without performing any risk practice. In the Tantric Massage there is no massage equal to another. Each massage is different because each person is different, special, and unique. Sensuality, sensitivity and empathy are the qualities that are needed to give it. EDUCATION and RESPECT, the attitude that is required to receive it. Odor of cinnamon, candlelight, background music, hands that caress your body ... skin with skin. Smell, sight, hearing, touch. All the senses caressed... ☆☆☆ Delicious happy ending ☆☆☆☆ Open your senses, let yourself go and immerse yourself in a world of sensations ... relax and enjoy! I am Monica professional massage therapist ask for your appointment now ! +34631067707 ..... I am in Torrevieja center I'm waiting for you **

Precio del servicio: 100 EUR

2 weeks ago

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